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  Where there is no vision, the people perish..."   - Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

December 20, 2015

The following is an excerpt from the new 5-year vision for First Baptist Church of Williamson, WV. All deacons present stood at the front of the sanctuary while Chairman Steve Wilson read the following announcement to our church family.

We, this band of brothers, stand before you

Committed to the Cause of Christ

Committed to carrying out the Great Commission of sharing the
​Good News of Jesus Christ with all people

Support our pastor in every aspect of his ministry here at First Baptist

Excited to experience and witness God’s hand in this leap of faith

Honored and humbled to serve you, God’s people, here at First Baptist Church

On this historic day in the life of First Baptist Church, we come to you, united. We have prayed over these plans, discussed these ideas at length, and now, come prepared to unveil to you, the 5 year plan for FBC.

Our deacon board is committed to completion of all projects on or before December 31, 2020. It is important to communicate the fact that all projects mentioned in this 5 year vision will follow normal business practices of this church. Discussion with senior deacons of this church reveals that not only communication, but constant communication is critical to the successful completion of all of these projects. We vow to constantly communicate with you, our precious church family, all aspects of plans, setbacks, challenges, and successes as God uses us to fulfill His plans here at FBC.

The budget committee has presented, and the church family has accepted, the 2016 budget for FBC. Inside this budget is a plan to direct $2000/month into our building fund. This is the primary reason why the new budget has increased by nearly $21,000. Over a period of 4 years, this will allow us to fund nearly $100,000 to these projects. This, along with existing building fund dollars, will allow us the responsibly move forward with all projects. These plans have been called ambitious and ambitious they are.

For anyone who has stepped up to the challenge of a home construction or remodel project, opinions will be as diversified as we are. We must continue to pray for God’s guidance as decisions are made. These plans have potential to draw us closer as children of God. They also have potential to make us and mold us into a more faithful people who have had the opportunity to witness God’s miracle right here at FBC. Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing.

With these things in mind, we unveil the First Baptist Church 5-year vision.

#1) Demolition project behind this House of Grace. This dilapidated house has been a fire hazard and eye sore on our properties since purchasing the Ryan apartments several years ago. Most of you have probably noticed the large trailer on our parking lot. Demolition is nearly complete. The lot will be leveled and topsoil brought in along with grass seeding anticipating potential for a fenced in toddler playground area.

#2) Demolition and repair of our bell tower. This part of our church building is crumbling from weather and time. We must move forward with repair of this bell tower as soon as reasonably possible because of its’ critical state and also to prepare foundation for

Vision #3) A gorgeous nighttime lighted steeple. The corner of this building is perfect to display the cross of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As many of you know, FBC lies almost at perfect geographical center of the City of Williamson. What a wonderful way to glorify God for everyone who might pass by this beautiful church anytime day or night.

#4) Retirement of the House of Grace property loan. On our current payoff path, this can be accomplished in about 3 ½ years. Retirement of this loan paves the way for our fifth and final proposal..

The construction of a new fellowship hall including an up-to-date, properly equipped space for one of the most dedicated, amazing ministries here at FBC, our kitchen committee. This free standing building will be placed in the empty lot adjacent to our church. When polling many members of our church and asking why a new fellowship hall is paramount to growing God’s church, the answer is always the same…Access, access to what? Access to the message of the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. All people must be able to access our church for all services. Gentle front ramp access will allow all people to learn about God, grow in their faith and worship God with us. Handicap bathroom facilities, a social hall more than twice our present size, and easy access to the kitchen from the alleyway are just a few of the ways to enhance our present FBC campus.

What are we asking of you?

To prayerfully embrace this 5 year vision with us. God has truly blessed First Baptist Church. We believe that God will continue to bless us as we seek new ways to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our community and world. As you leave the sanctuary this morning, please take a 5 year vision card from one of our deacons. Post this somewhere like your refrigerator where you might see this everyday. Pray for our church and our church leaders as we move forward with all of these projects.

John Mark Hubbard closed the service with words of encouragement and surrender to God’s will for our blessed church followed by a prayer of adoration, thankfulness and request for God’s guidance as we move forward in His name.

Prayerfully submitted by Steve Wilson